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Designer Drugs – Drop Down (Savage Skulls remix)

Jul 13 2010

Stockholm duo Savage Skulls remixed the track “Drop Down” (the remix EP has just been released by Iheartcomix and features remixes from Beatacue and Mustard Pimp, released on vinyl in the EU through Topplers but is available at all the usual suspects worldwide) NYC outfit Designer Drugs late last year but it never saw the official light of day. Fast forward to today when Savage Skulls have honed their skills working with some of the most known dance acts at the moment and we get to sink our teeth into this gritty, fast paced and fistpumping remix complete with an infectious vocal sample.

Designer Drugs – Drop Down (Savage Skulls remix) (YSI)

Designer Drugs – Drop Down (Savage Skulls remix) (drop.io)

BONUS: We just got this mix from Designer Drugs.

Designer Drugs – Data Mix X (zip file, direct link)

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