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Mixin’ It Up: Digital Boy + Shark

Jul 23 2010

The Discobelle Mixin’ It Up series has been on a bit of a hiatus but now we’re back in full force with this mindblowing seriously assaulting mix of rave and bass courtesy of Italian producer Digital Boy & Italian NYC transplant Badman Shark. Together they form the duo Digital Boy + Shark, check out their newly launched website Gangster Rave and now we’ll let them do the talking.

“Past, present and future collide as the forefather of Italian Rave music, Digital Boy, joins forces with one of New York’s most infamous bass warriors, Mishka NYC’s music man, badman Shark. In just under 5 months of activity they established the shape of Rave to come: 2010 will see the rebirth of Techno through Rave, Hardcore and decades of blood, sweat and tears spent on hoarding the best parts of dance music genres blending it into one, sounding like a punch to your face! With support from all the Italian heavy weights like Crookers (for whom they will be remixing “Royal T”), Congorock and Riva Starr and international champions of modern sound Doorly, Buraka Som Sistema, Trouble & Bass, Night Slugs and DMC champ Shiftee; the duo will be looking to release it’s first single in October and EP shortly after including collaborations by Igor Cavalera (Sepultura, Mixhell) and vocalist Carrie Wilds (Drop The Lime, Crookers) along side remixes by Buraka Som Sistema, Congorock, Adam Tensta, Rx feat. Chae Hawk, Mr. Vega, Bare Noize, Alexander Technique, Blatta & Inesha, Deathface and Kaptain Cadillac.

This is the debut mix from Italian duo Digital Boy + Shark. 40 minutes of cut throat mixes and edits to be reckoned with that play out like a freight train destroying everything in it’s past. The lines between time are blurred by hyper speed and heavy bass creating a time space continuum from which there is no escape! Featuring the dance floor smasher “Gangster Rave”, the anthem “No One Can Stop Us” and their soon to be released remix of Congorock’s “Babylon”, this is more than an introduction… It’s a warning!

Digital Boy + Shark – Spirit of ’91 Mix, Discobelle Mixin’ It Up (Mediafire)

1 Combichrist – This Shit Will Fuck You Up

My recent obsession with Hellraiser has brought me back to the dark side of music. I’ve always had a soft spot of Goth and EBM and thanks to our partner in crime Lightknife and his dark past we were able to dig up this gem and open the doors to another dimension…

2 Drop the Lime – Doomsday Device

The Heavy Bass Champion of the world delivers yet again. DTL has been a long time brother in bass and has shared many sleepless nights driven by our common passion for the music and NYC owes alot to this person. We Never Sleep!

3 Mr. Vega – Whopper Junior

Our friends Mr. Vega and the Subdrive imprint have been real busy pumping out quality music and this is a great example of it…I could drop this anytime even though i’m vegetarian!

4 Digital Boy + Shark – No One Can Stop Us 

In this dream i saw myself and Digital Boy on top of a mountain with the clouds running fast behind us in a firey sky. Him holding high the bass flag and myself chanting “No One, No One Can Stop Us!”

5 Bizarre Inc – Raise Me

Somehow we have the worst memory and definitely we have all our brain cells but don’t fault us for wanting to play this more than once, it’s been on the playlist since the early ’90s and we don’t plan on stopping now.

6 Example – Dirty Face (Benga Remix / Dominator Edit)

Years ago i had to babysit the Afro Warrior and trust me, you best give the man his Chinese Food! the evening was followed by a session of myspace dating and watching wrestling and ended in a sweaty night courtesy of T&B during which, borderline throwing up, he fed the crowd bombs while I incited them to riot!

7 Boys Noize – Kontact Me (Beataucue Remix)

It is undeniable that the kids still want Techno and who better than Boys Noize to deliver a classic pounding to the cranium! I can always recall the first time i heard someone’s track i liked and this was, as many others, in a dark basement courtesy of the Fixed party’s Dave P and JDH.

8 Blatta & Inesha – Pet Massage 

Inesha used to be in a turntablists crew called Alien Army that literally ruled the Italian underground for many years. How incredible is it that he now, along side Blatta, makes these heavy tunes? Really cosigning the whole turntablist migration towards dance music. More body tricks please!

9 The Prodigy – Everybody In The Place (Fairground Remix)

The Prodigy is without a doubt one of my inspirations for music but also for life, they were always seminal for their style and forward sound. Nothing better than a group that still stands their ground after so many years and can still produce relevant music. One of Digital Boy’s first USA tours was supporting them and Moby back in 1991 and there was hell to pay! The echo of destruction still resonate… and whatever you do, make sure you never touch another man’s equipment before the play!

10 Congorock – Babylon (Digital Boy + Shark Remix)

If you had asked me one year ago, after recording the vocals for the original track, if i thought it would have gotten this huge…i would have said, of course! It is a great feeling to see an old friend through thick and thin and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this track. One day perhaps the world will hear the warrior edit of “Babylon” with the entire vocal session…

11 AC Slater – Take You (Doorly Remix) 

Life is nothing but a sequence of days starting at 3am and mr. Slater is the boss of this time! Once the clock turns to 3am you are in his possession and there is no escape! Enter Doorly… it’s Chris Penn time!

12 Holy Noise – Get Down Everybody

It is such an honor to collaborate with a legend of the previous rave generation, not only for the magic that is performed in the studio with the use of analog hardware and modern day software but also for the quality story telling. Digital Boy started touring in the early 90s when i was in Jr High School and has played along side every big name in rave. He recall this being one of the first tracks to come out of Rotterdam in 1991:” I recall going to Midtown Records and Paul Elstak (a name to reckon with in Hardcore), who at the time was working there as a clerk, gave me this promo. He told me it was his production and that DJ Rob played it out all the time at Parkzicht in Rotterdam. I was sold, the rest is history…”

13 Huoratron – Corporate Occult

Mad music from a mad man! A couple of days spent with this individual and you’ll get a perspective on the northern hemisphere. So you know, this is the real cause of global warming.

14 Lil’ Louis – Video Clash

One Digital Boy’s all time favorites from 1987, most likely the first real techno track he heard and it still holds true in its simplicity and raw energy.

15 Waxmaster – Waxscratch (His Majesty Andre Edit)

Us Italians just keep multiplying and taking over all your music. The King is dead, long live the king.

16 Manix – 88 To Piano

Will the ever be a day when DJs will pay attention to what other ones play right before them? I honestly don’t wanna hear the same track 3 times during the night. I can deal if its a genuine banger and then maybe i can go for a repeat. Well, times haven’t changed as this here was the tune everyone played over and over in Italy and Holland’s mega raves in the early 90s. The nuisance is when you are the headliner, such as Digital Boy was, do you play this track for the third or fourth time?

17 Manix – Special Request (Hero Remix / Set Me Free Edit)

Our favorite vocalist of these times, Carrie Wilds, could not miss out on the action. The defining vocal of 2010 from a modern classic courtesy of DTL, “Set Me Free”.
“Old school or the new, doesn’t mean a thing if your heart’s not true. Greedy ones faded fast, we’re here. Built to last!” – Sick Of It All

18 Rusko – Kumon Kumon

I can still remember the first time i heard those horns… “FUCK!”. The raw energy that Rusko brings to his, blood sweat and tears at any given moment! Still to day we really need to make a response to “Cockney Thug”… Did anyone say “Guido Thug” ? After 7 years finally the USA is catching up to this mysterious music called Dubstep. Good Job!

19 MMM - Nous Sommes MMM

All praises due to the kings of dark techno: Jokers Of The Scene, for being the purveyors of future unknown pleasures. They have always been my I.V. of bangers and this one is certainly one of them. Full steam ahead!

20 Momma’s Boy/Mikix The Cat – Party Rock

This is certainly the product of a life with no sleep, a life that thrives on big bass as its life’s blood! In between buying swanky shoes and getting haircuts, the big bad Cat finds time to produce a pounding EP. Warning: step away from the screen when playing this or you will get knocked out!

21 Swedish House Mafia – One (Congorock Remix)

When i think of “One”, my mind wonders to Metallica… seems that it’s reaching the same height in a weird parallel universe. Congorock certainly ads the the land mines to this remix… “All that i see, absolute horror!” – James Hetfield

22 Benga – Baltimore Clap (Yall Ain’t Safe Edit)

Do you remember the first time you heard that B-More break? If you were in NYC then you were definitely at one of the epic Cut parties where The Captain and myself on a megaphone would be invading people’s space and making even the walls sweat! This is how we give back, big up Unruly and all the big boys of the Baltimore Club sound.

23 Marshall Master – Stereo Murder

This is the devil’s voice. It echos in our brain from the cradle to the grave, we are slaves to the rave!

24 Deathface – We Still Kill The Old Way

“Hey man don’t you see that you’re scaring people?”.”Cool, how about you leave?”
– Deathface

25 N.R.G – He Never Lost His Hardcore

Years of incessantly devouring music has brought us to where we are. We cannot forget our past, we embrace it and celebrate it to create a better, harder future.

26 Lauren Flax & MK Feat. Carrie Wilds -Stronger Now (Bare Noize Remix)

“Hey man, how is it?”. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”. I got my bass face on and I’m slipping into a skankin’ paralysis.

27 Bart B More – Brap

“I really like this track because it build and build and builds and then and then it has that grinding sound and then and then” yeah we get it, we like it too.

28 Junior Sanchez – HeavE Mental

This dude ain’t soft no more! He’s been grinding hard with his Jersey brother Alexander Technique and many other big boys of Techno baking pounds of bass! Don’t touch my face…I can’t feel it!

29 Lightknife – This Is

Legend goes that after this track was produce, it was never to be listened to again as it caused hearing loss. Lightknife somehow escaped to tell the tale and continue producing haunting musical monsters. We are not insured, don’t sue if you go deaf.

30 Alias – Gladiator (4×4 Remix)

This is my life as a Thug Wizard, i wear basketball jerseys and sweatpants; i get denied at borders but most importantly i party all night long and i never ever forget the stickers.

31 Phenomania – Who Is Elvis (Who is LVis Edit)

We built a time machine and we ended up in a little village of Mali, after we got chased by shamans as they thought we were demons we jumped into a waterfall and ended up in a vessel orbiting Mars. This is the sound of our heads rattling, please no bongos.

32 Skream – Pitfall

Not too many people can be cited for having created essential tracks to one genre. Skream is one of the forefathers of Dubstep. Too much backseat DJing on the megaphone…

33 Digital Boy + Shark – Gangster Rave

This is the past, present and future. This is who we are and we swear we’ve never tried any chemical substances… coming at you like a punch to your face! Gangster Rave 2010! Nocche dure come mattoni!”