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War Games

Aug 13 2010

Toronto based Grindin’ member Brandon Sek (of Curb Crawlers & Happy Please fame) gives us a brand spanking new mixtape that is filled with dark and moody 80’s italodisco.

“I was inspired to make a new mixtape by the 1983 film War Games starring Matthew Broderick.”

Brandon Sek – War Games (direct link)

Tracklist is found after the jump.

Florenza Mavelli – The Police Rides Out
Headman – Assassin
Spacelex – Pretty Face
Valis – Exigesis
Delayscape – FS Attack
Francesco Clemente – Il Sogno di Leonora
808 Mafia – Electro Kaisers
The Splash Band – Philadelphia Experiment
Erik XVI – Unionens Sista Dagar (Brassica’s Chicken Feed Mix)
Azari & III – Manhooker
Charlie – Spacer Woman
White Car – Not Right
John Carpenter – The End
Fad Gadget – Coitus Interruptus
Casionova – Shoreham Harbour Blues (Ali Renault Remix)
Glass Candy – Digital Versicolor
Rude 66 – Horrified