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The Way remix competition winner

Aug 23 2010

The PURPL PoP just ended their remix competition for their track “The Way”. They had tons of people sending in remixes and after much deliberation the deciding vote has been cast by PURPL PoP themseleves. The winner is Shooting Horses.


You can read an interview with the winner after the jump:

Firstly… congratulations! How does it feel to have won?

Thanks it feels great. I honestly wasn’t expecting it. It’s really nice to have had such a positive response to my remix from everyone I’ve played it to so yeah… I’m chuffed.

What do you think of ‘The Way’?

I think it’s a big feel good summer tune, and it’s certainly mighty catchy. I’m looking forward to hearing what else PURPL PoP have in store.

For those that don’t know you yet please tell us a little about Shooting Horses…

My name’s Rob Swaine, I’m from South West London, the area with the low crime rate, and I make house music. I took my name from the 1930’s American crime fiction novel, ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’, and you can rest assured that I don’t physically shoot horses. Or do I..? I don’t.

What is you current production set up?

Very basic: Just me, in my bedroom with my Macbook and a copy of Logic. The glue to the setup is my pair of Genelec 8030As, my pride and joy. I’d only be half the man I am today without them.

How long have you been making dance music? What inspired you to start?

I’ve been making electronic music in various forms for the last 6 years, since the end of sixth form. I was the drummer in several bands at the time and used to do drum and bass remixes of our studio recordings. They weren’t very good but I had fun doing it. It was only when I got to Nottingham and started DJing that I got into house music. It seemed the logical step to have a go at making some beats of my own and now after a year of concentrated production, I feel I’m finally getting somewhere with it.

What is next for Shooting Horses?

I’ve got a few gigs coming up in London and Nottingham so I’m looking forward to DJing again. And of course, loads more production. I’ve done a fair few remixes lately so I’m going to spend a bit of time on some originals and hone in on my own sound. I’d love to have an E.P. of my own out by the end of the year / early next year and maybe play some festivals next summer. So yeah… I’ve got ambitious plans but everyone needs a challenge eh.