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Non Tiq – Quiet Remix Contest

Sep 6 2010

Non Tiq, alias Nora Lindqvist, grew up in a musical family in a small town in the northern part of Sweden. In 2008 she met the producer Karol Machata in Stockholm who shared her vision and began recording songs with her.

“We have the same idea of the creating music, and are both very spontaneous. To make music is much like kids playing. Often you get lost, get in on the wrong path and have to start over again. But sometimes you find exactly what you’re looking for, while you’re still lost”, Non Tiq.

Non Tiq’s melodies are captivating with lyrics colored by relational dilemmas and personal darkness. The music has a razor-sharp clarity, and is often melancholic but yet danceable. Non Tiq’s debut single “Quiet” is straightforward and a nice sample of the upcoming debut album “Love Machine”, set for release in 2011. Addeboy Vs. Cliff, producers of the hit “My Cool” with Adam Tensta, and the electronica pioneers Suck Shaft have also contributed with two remixes.

Now Discobelle and Playground Music wants you to impress us with your remix of ‘Quiet’, Non Tiq’s amazing debut single and be considered for a digital release via Playground Music. We’ll also throw in 10 Playground CDs of your choice! Deadline for the competition is 15th of October. Download all the steams and get all the info on the competiton here.

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