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Handsome Clothing X Nacho Lovers – The Pangea Mix

Oct 15 2010

Toronto house producers Nacho Lovers win us over with their recent cosmic laden mix for fellow Toronto clothing label Handsome Clothing Company and their new “The Pangea Collection” series.

“We couldn’t imagine a more perfect pairing as they are not only from our hometown of Toronto, but they’re style and vision is similar as well. They are able to think beyond making simple hits and strive to capture a moment in time to create a shared consciousness with their legions of fans. They think of Nacho Lovers as a feeling. It’s music made for 4am speaker stacks and mid-day bedroom headphones alike, where atmosphere is everything. The end result isn’t to freak out or pump fists, but simply create a lasting connection and a sense of timelessness. It’s the low-ceiling, red-light vibe they cultivate in their own tracks, their remixes for a highly selective, diverse handful of artists (ranging from Chromeo to Alexander Robotnick to CFCF), and DJ sets that make you feel like you could be at any great club or party of the past 30 years.

With this mix they pushed these ideas even further by using a variety of songs that crossover into numerous genres with the goal of capturing the conceptual underpinnings of the story outlined by The Pangea Collection. A truly unique and inspiring mix.”

Handsome Clothing X Nacho Lovers – The Pangea Mix (direct link)

Tracklist after the jump.

01. Khan Jamal – Cosmic Echoes
02. A.R. and Machines – Globus
03. Boo Williams – Planet Earth
04. Eric Vann – Underwater Space
05. Aphrodite’s Child – Seven Bowls
06. Mother Mallard’s Portable Company – Ceres Motion
07. Don Ray – Body and Soul
08. D*Note – The Garden Of Earthly Delights (Ballistic Bario Boom)
09. NDF – Since We Last Met
10. The African Dream – We’re All In The Same Family
11. Osborne – Afrika
12. Shimmy Sham Sham! – Shimmy Sham Sham 001-A
13. Junior Boys – Like a Child (Carl Craig Remix)
14. Lady June’s Linquistic Leprosy – Tunion
15. People – Flower Strewing