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DBR006: Boeoes Kaelstigen – Lou

Oct 31 2010

Tor and Leo first met on a class in rhetoric and quickly discovered their similar taste in music, their love for Giorgio Moroder, futuristic trains and machines that goes beep.

When the two, by coincidence, moved in to the same apartment complex, sweet noises emerged, echoing over the hills of Ersta. The project soon came to be known as Boeoes Kaelstigen.

Now they have a new exciting new EP being released as a joint venture on Discobelle Records and Adrian Recordings. With their highly technical house that we all learned to love, they come with this new track that will get you started on the journey we call Boeoes Kaelstigen.

The release also comes packed with some killer remixes. Panton (ED from NROTB) loved the track so much he just had to do two, the Italian midget house pioneer Mowgli comes strong and twist it up Mowgli style and last but not least we have Nautiluss from the now buried Thunderheist adding another dimension to the Boeoes Kaelstigen universe.

Go get the EP on Juno or Boomkat

Boeoes Kaelstigen – Lou (Mowgli remix) (direct link)