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Numbers Paris

Nov 10 2010

The Glaswegians in the Numbers label goes to Paris for a party at Social Club tomorrow night (in collaboration with Brain Magazine) and we get these two bassfilled mixes, the first one comes from Nelson at Numbers and the second one is the first from our old buddy Kazey together with Karve AKA The Town. Enjoy and if you’re in Paris we suggest you join the party.

“This is a selection of stuff i’ve been playing out recently along with a few older tracks that help to inspire what we’re doing with the club and label. Old / new music from Detroit, Truffle Club grind, and one of the maddest booty / jit tracks i’ve heard. Also new sounds from producers like Boddika/Instra:mental, Kavsrave, Joy Orbison made me want to dig out some old electro records. Really enjoyed mixing with those again, they take you on an otherworldly journey like nothing else really. Battle 101, Hofty, and the untitled Lory D track still sound fresh. (Lory’s track is from his 2001 extended EP called ‘9 Tracks 4 A Fine Road-Hog’ – each of the nine tracks are untitled, all are good – let the record play out stuff.. more Lory D coming soon don’t worry!). Anyway these ones used to bring the house down at Jack and Cal’s Seismic parties in Glasgow – Seismic was circa 2002 > 2007 and one of the many precursors to Numbers. Photo sample here – Kazey up in it!! Bitch Ass Darius played one of the closing Seismic parties too, check his mix opus the UK and house tracks include some personal favs from the last year or so, and of course no mix would be complete without a couple of upcoming Numbers releases.”

Nelson – One Night in Paris mix for brain magazine (Nov 2010) by Numbers

The Town [Karve & Kazey] Xclusive Mix for Brain Magazine & Numbers by Karve & Kazey [The Town]