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Mixin’ It Up: Samo Sound Boy

Nov 19 2010

Been a while since we had a new Mixin’ It Up but now we finally got something for you and it’s a big one from Samo Sound Boy. Take it away:

“Lately, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with my producer and DJ friends about what an incredible time this is right now. The amount of exciting underground music being made is astounding. It’s coming from everywhere and being put out both for free and for sale by labels that give back so much more than they take. To be involved in this here in LA, and everywhere else, is huge to me.

This mix represents a lot of sounds from the producers who I identify with and take inspiration from. At the same time, this stuff is all exactly what I play in clubs no matter where I am. I think the level of forward creativity being displayed by these types of producers and DJs really enables everyone to both play, and make, exactly what they want. The level of compromise and easy safe sounds is way down these days. That’s a good thing. Shout out to everybody pushing it forward.”

Download: Samo Sound Boy – Mixing It Up for Discobelle (Mediafire)

1.INTRO – Mouse – Better Believe it (Instrumental)

It’s a movie.

2. Dubbel Dutch – It’s Over

New one from the man they call Dubbel Dutch. This one gives me chills for real. The sound is amazing but it’s also paced in such an incredible way. It builds so patiently. When the drums/bass do come in, you have a major moment on your hands.

3. Fun City – Pa Dentro

This is an older Cutting Records thing. I definitely mess with some older joints in my sets and I just love the vibe of this one. Classic material.

4. T. Williams – In the Deep

This has been a huge record for me the last couple of months. The minimal feel and the way the drums slap make it feel like a hyphy thing more than anything. Definitely one of those joints that i listen to over and over trying to figure out where it’s coming from.

5. Bassanovva – Chicken Lover (Samo Sound Boy Remix)

I’m sure anybody who’s ever done a few remixes know the feeling of getting sent less then inspiring parts… Complete opposite with this. The sounds from the original were so unique and fun to work with. Definitely my favorite remix job from this year. The whole Bassanovva record is serious business too. Look out for that on Grizzly very soon.

6. Rizzla – BadmindHa

Yooo this one! The lead track for the next release on Dave Quam’s Free Bass label, and definitely one of the tunes that i’m most excited about at the moment. Such a rugged sound. My favorite club music is all a little scary, and this definitely fits the bill. Rizzla absolutely murdered this. Cannot wait to hear more from him and Free Bass in the future.

7. One Nil – Congo Static (LOL Boys Remix)

Big new remix from the infamous LOL Boys. I’ve really been trippin lately thinking about how versatile the LOL boys are. Listen to their output this year. The range is incredible. It’s scary almost… They can do anything.

8. Brenmar – You Make Me Say (Ikonika + Optimum Remix)

Great remix off of Brenmar’s brand new EP. I like how Ikonika and Optimum made this one little harder to get your head around. I think it’s a great compliment to the slickness of the original. Also big shout out to Ikonika for playing the best DJ set i saw all year in LA… was too heavy!

9. DJ Znobia – Yes We Can

This one is an album cut from the latest DJ Znobia LP. I hear so many influences in this track, and it’s a hard one to describe, but it definitely has that rough edge that I seek out in dance music. Such a raw sound. The whole album is really interesting too.. it’s so varied. I definitely get the impression that Znobia is experimenting with a lot of sounds these days and the results are amazing. Shout out to Marc for putting me on to the LP.

10. Glass Actor – Gimme Money

My favorite track off the EP that Glass Actor just gave away for free. If you don’t have that one, you’re a fool! Sidenote: Glass Actor is probably the most famous guy I get to hang out with. I want to a club with him once and as soon as we sat down they put a red velvet rope around us and brought over a huge bottle of vodka and a swan carved out of ice.

11. Distal – No No No Yes Yes Yes

This one is too crazy. Maybe one of the most unpredictable tracks i’ve heard all year. The first time I listened to it I really couldn’t believe all the twists and turns it was taking. Really impressive to me how Distal is able to take this one on such a ride, but have it fully cohere at the same time.

12. Burn Up Riddim

Just a little riddim interlude for you to whip your hair too.

13. Samo Sound Boy – Rattlesnake

This is something I’ve been playing live for a bit, but is going to available to the world through Trouble and Bass very soon.

14. R1 Ryders – Karni4

I had to include this because I have been playing it everywhere I go since last summer. Definitely that raw energy sound.

15. DJ Sliink – Get Da Patty Cake Going

Big hit from the Brick Bandits, DJ Sliink. I always play a Brick Bandits segment in my sets and this is the one I really like to work up to. It’s just undeniable. The vocal chops in the background are what really seal the deal for me. They carry so much momentum, it’s amazing. Club music for life.

16. Sancocho – Tumba La Casa

Another classic latin house thing that I like to pull from. It’s all about those heavy drums.

17. Tim Dolla – Switch (Samo Sound Boy Remix)

Tim Dolla is a legend.

18. No Sleep – Randomer and Fife

Really love the lush percussion on this one. To me, it sounds like a drum circle where some guy’s also playing a great woozy synth line in the corner.

19. Samo Sound Boy – Burning and Stealing

20. Frank Ski and Kenny B – Eastside/Westside

One of my all time favorites for real. That line, the break, and those vocals. It’s a perfect track to me. Out to the classics and the originators.

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    yessss. eastside/westside is an all-time fave of mine!

    new tunes sound greeeeatttt man


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