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Love Thing

Jan 7 2011

We’ve been following New York based producer/dj Eli Escobar for a couple of years now and he just dropped his brand new “Love Thing” remix EP on Plant Music which happens to feature some heavy remixes from top producers such as DJ Mehdi, Runaway, Mike Simonetti and John Selway. Eli himself also took a go and did his own amazing rework of the track, sexy pianodriven disco/house at its finest with some sax business thrown in to take the sexiness up a notch.

Eli Escobar – Love Thing Part 1 (Eli Escobar’s Rework) (ge.tt)

BONUS: Grab the DJ Mehdi remix below and check out the whole EP over on Soundcloud.

Eli Escobar – Love Thing Part 2 (DJ Mehdi Club Mix) (ge.tt)

Eli Escobar – Love Thing (Remix EP) by Plant Music