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Jim-E Stack Fader Mix

Feb 2 2011

New Orleans native Jim-E Stack is young, talented, and always strapped. Okay, the last one is just a guess, but this recently compiled Fader Mix carries so much metaphorical firepower that it might as well be true. This mix has new tracks by LOL Boys, NGUZUNGUZU, Dubbel Dutch, and a surprisingly good unknown edit of a Wacka Flocka track, early limewire internet style. It’s a happy surprise that in 2011 there can still be such thing as an “unknown edit”.

Jim-E Stack – Fader Mix (Mediafire)

Tracklist after the jump:

Jim-E Stack – Ya Best
LOL Boys – Hearthache (Jim-E Stack Remix)
Ramadanman – Grab Somebody
Karizma -Twyst This
Marcus Price & Carli – Bubbelgum (Acapella)
Marcus Price & Carli – Bubbelgum (Sam Tiba Remix)
Switch & Ms. Thing – Love Guide
DJ Znobia – Luanda Lisboa (Remix)
DJ Relize – Dirty Bounce
Canblaster – Clockworks
French Fries – Merel
NGUZUNGUZU – Strut (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Damu – LED (Jim-E Stack Remix)
DJ Tameil – Back It Up & Dump It
DJ MikeQ – Transform Ya
Waka Flocka – Bustin At Em (Uknown Edit)
Unknown – Caderando Con Acordeon
DJ Icon – Indie Buda (Flute Mix)
Jim-E Stack – Do U
Jim-E Stack – One Step

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