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Canblaster – Clockworks

Feb 15 2011

If this (possibly NSFW, depending on where you work) video wasn’t enough proof that Nightshifters is dedicated to doing dance music a truly weird & original fashion, then the latest release from Club Cheval footsoldier Canblaster should do the job.

After turning everything from shattering windows, laser beams and old modem sounds into percussion on his past several remixes, 22 year old Cédric Steffens brings forth the “Master Of Complication” EP, which is “a concept record about time, speed and, well, the complexity of watches.”

As genre-defying as dance music comes these days, “Clockworks”, the slowest track (132bpm), kicks it all off with a soaring melody of reverberant House stabs and ticking watch beats. One notch faster is the UK influenced jam “Triple Ring” (140bpm), a footwork inspired fistfight inducing tune called “Lost In The Shell” (160bpm) and more. Teki Tek and Para One also contribute an android-human hybrid remix worthy of unravelling time and space as we know it.

Grab the musical equivalent to the Large Hadron Collider HERE, and check out a free Canblaster track from the EP below.

Canblaster – Clockworks (direct link)