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If you’ve never played Angry Birds, DJ Sega’s take on the agonizingly addictive theme may come off sounding like a cross between a b-more cartoon theme song and a bad acid trip.

But if you’ve ever taken your iPhone into the toilet to play it (don’t front, you probably have), you’ll recognize everything amazing about this game packed into three and a half minutes of music that has the potential to create pure unfiltered chaos in the clubs. Be careful with this.

DJ Sega- Angry Birdz Theme (mediafire)

Also grab the third installment of DJ Sega’s Sixer Series Trilogy over at the Mad Decent blog.

What do we know about Urulu? Not much. Maybe it’s an LA artist who’s been incorporating samples from youtube digging and live recordings into organically flavored dance music. Maybe they just dropped a new EP on Get Flavor Records. Maybe.

Details about Damu’s identity other than the hooded silhouette of his Silverback Recordings album EP is a bit more available, but what’s really worth talking about is how he’s twisted the original’s breezy drums, carefree chants and kookaburra sound effects into something that sounds like it was recorded in the middle of a tropical amazon bunker that’s shaded by the shadow of a gigantic cell phone reception tower.

Grab the jilting piece of smoking cauldron house music below, and wait for the Prince Club remix and several other original Urulu tracks to drop on April 1st at yr favorite online music shops.

Urulu – Kookaburra (Damu Remix)

Here is an exclusive mix from Slap In The Bass. The mix includes two of their upcoming tracks on Southern Fried Records (coming in April). They also got a new Ep coming in May on No Brainer Records which includes a collab with Botnek (who will release on Discobelle Records later this spring). Some really nice gems in there.


Bonus track:

Jona Lewie & Man Like Me – You’ll Always Find Me (Slap In The Bass remix) (mediafire)

Tracklist after the jump:
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Here we have an exclusive guest mix by fellow swede Avicii to promote the new Strictly Rhythm compilation album “Avicii presents Strictly Miami 2011” that is out on 5th April 2011.

Avicii, still just 21 years old, is on fire right now with a string of huge records already behind him. He also just came back from Miami were he played Ultra for three days; day one – headlining the main stage, day two – prime time slot on the main stage, day three – headlining the official afterparty at Mansion. And just a few weeks before he also won an IDMA for ‘Best Breakthrough Artist’!

Avicii 30 Min Mix (ge.tt)

Not trying to sound too much like the dance music equivalent of TMZ, but there’s been some interesting twitter beef between New York based Venus X of the New York based “euphoric, ghetto-fantasy house” GHE20 G0TH1K party and Diplo recently. All about the identity of hardstyle, perspective, history, authenticity, privilege and post-modernism, it’s a discussion about who has the rights to play what music, when, and where.

You can read the full exchange over at The Fader, which includes some insults involving Hot Topic and one point where Diplo gets called the new Columbus.

Even though most people might agree with Teki Latex’s flustered assertion that DJ Orgasmic and Panteros666 have been playing hardstyle way before either Diplo or the GHE20 G0TH1K folks, I think a bit of spirited discussion around this sort of stuff is never a bad idea.

Now that your curiousity is piqued, check out a mix that Venus X and $HAYNE put together for V Man Magazine, full of what’s been described as:

“a best-of hardstyle apocalypse mix with Nicki and RiRi cameos and mega witchcraft and cats, alongsidespecial ed YouTube slam poetry, Fairuza Balk soundbites from The Craft, Bustah Rhymes instrumentals, and the screeching and meowing of cats.”

Listen at your own risk. Also, if you feel like weighing in on the argument, leave some thoughts below.

VENUS X and $HAYNE – “The Cat and The Raven” Mix for VMAN Magazine