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Urulu – Kookaburra (Damu Remix)

Mar 31 2011

What do we know about Urulu? Not much. Maybe it’s an LA artist who’s been incorporating samples from youtube digging and live recordings into organically flavored dance music. Maybe they just dropped a new EP on Get Flavor Records. Maybe.

Details about Damu’s identity other than the hooded silhouette of his Silverback Recordings album EP is a bit more available, but what’s really worth talking about is how he’s twisted the original’s breezy drums, carefree chants and kookaburra sound effects into something that sounds like it was recorded in the middle of a tropical amazon bunker that’s shaded by the shadow of a gigantic cell phone reception tower.

Grab the jilting piece of smoking cauldron house music below, and wait for the Prince Club remix and several other original Urulu tracks to drop on April 1st at yr favorite online music shops.

Urulu – Kookaburra (Damu Remix)