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ITFW – Aaliyah Re-Edits

Apr 26 2011

There’s something about the frigidity of Montreal that gives its artists an extra, desperation driven push of creativity. A product of seven out of twelve months likely containing snowstorms, maybe? Whatever it is, it’s probably found abundantly in ITFW, two DJs from the curbs of Montreal, Azamat B and Sinjin Hawke.

Resident DJs of “Boomclap”, they host a weekly friday night party focusing on classic house sounds, detroit techno, chicago juke, with new and old school rap and r&b. Finding a good balance in the Canadian club scene is a difficult thing, but even though the night just began in January 2011, the Boomclap soundcrew has already hosted the likes of Lunice, Jacques Greene, Dubbel Dutch, our Discobelle fam LOL Boys (who also curate the guests), Samo Sound Boy, Brenmar, Prince Club, and many more, for only $5 a night too.

For those of you not in Montreal to experience the magic firsthand only to stumble out into the street searching for $2 chow mein with peanut butter sauce afterwards, the ITFW boys have done an EP of Aaliyah remixes that embody the heart and soul of the party.

While Aaliyah remixes these days need to be examined seriously for the level of necessity of their creation, this package is brimming with five amazing reinterpretations of the original tracks that do their thing and let the vocals shine while still adding some great flourishes.

Grab all five below and show some support for Boomclap if you’re anywhere even remotely near Canada.

ITFW – Aaliyah 2011 (Zip file, mediafire)

9 thoughts on “ITFW – Aaliyah Re-Edits

  1. poupon

    Chez Mein! Went searching for it on Saturday night…was too damn late :(

    Oh and ITFW FTW!

  2. sirtoma

    the mediafire link is down :( anywhere else we can dowload this?

  3. neveragain

    possibly the worst most boneheaded review for just a couple of god awful musicians I have ever read in my life… A man without a musical or journalistic bone in his body reviewing a couple clowns with zero skill, substance, or a fucking clue…awesome combo

    Please for the love of god dont reply back to this.. you obviously have zero qualifications to be reviewing/commenting/ anything to do with music so dont bother trying to come up with some fucking hipster bullshit to salve your ego… just never write another post again…. please, please, please

    I havent cheked this blog in years… but a long time ago..in a galaxy far far away you guys were on the vanguard…. Those days are obviously long gone… wow discobelle you really have started to fucking suck… what a joke

  4. always

    @neveragain your comment seems a bit ridiculous… you shouldn’t blatantly give negative criticism without any facts to back it up. you’re clearly pissed at life and should go vent somewhere else bro. karma’s a bitch son

  5. ditto

    @always: yup

    @neveragain: you’re criticizing journalism with a completely subjective comment. pretty ironic.

    it’s one thing to say “you suck” and it’s another to make your evaluation using a detailed analysis. i’m assuming it’s because you can’t.

    p.s. – these guys throw down some of the best nights in montreal. for only 5$!!! bookings that would cost 2 or 3 times the price for it to make any sense financially.

    they do this out of pure love and nothing else. if you insist on inflating your ego via unintelligent internet posts, maybe you should attack someone with a little less nobility.

  6. Brendan

    the link’s up again.

    “a man without a musical or journalistic bone in his body” – yup, that’s me. my bones are completely made out of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and other assorted minerals. sorry u didn’t like the post.

    everybody else, i agree that these parties are great and ridiculously cheap compared to some other options.

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