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Tropical Bomb

Apr 30 2011

João Brasil is considered the mash-up king of Rio, his debut single on Man Recordings, “L.O.V.E. Banana” that features vocals from Lovefoxxx (of CSS fame) just dropped and it’s a sure fire summer smash. In preparation for the release he decided to give out the lambada styled track “Tropical Bomb”.

“João wrote “Tropical Bomb” last winter when preparing tracks for his debut EP on Man Recordings. then J-Lo came out with “On The Floor” and we decided to not release “tropical bomb”, as she kind of stole the show using the “lambada” melody. When writing about the “lambada” story we decided to give away “Tropical Bomb” as a free track to promote the EP.”

Jọo Brasil РTropical Bomb by MANRECORDINGS