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Azari & III Are (Still) Hungry For The Power

Jun 8 2011

This isn’t the first time that Azari & III have made a video for “Hungry For The Power” – their previous effort had a bit of a censorship snafu with youtube, who felt that the pornographic, sexual, and possibly murderous themes expressed within it had no place on the interweb. You can watch a re-edited version of that video HERE, but it’s equally advisable to check out the new 2011 video version.

The first 30 seconds feel like they’re taken straight out of the Red Hot Chili Peppers video for “Scar Tissue”, right down to the pouring the sand out of your water canteen portion. But then, suddenly, BAM – it’s a beach party, lead vocalist Starving Yet Full is wearing lots of really dope looking clothes, and everyone is messing around outside their hotel room while a Toronto Blue Jays baseball cap gets heavily represented (their way of showing off their heritage, maybe).

Regardless of whether you’ve heard it before or bought it before, “Hungry For The Power” is out on Turbo Recordings with some spicy remixes from The Art Department and Jamie Jones.