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One Half Nelson- Humachine (DJ Nita’s Battle Ready Remix)

Jun 17 2011

A trained percussionist, jazz singer and dancer turned New York & Barcelona underground house cultleader of sorts, DJ Nita has been bringing something undeniably distinct to dimly lit clubs across the world.

Here on Nita’s remix of One Half Nelson’s “Humachine”, you’ve got a peak time dancefloor aerobics workout condensed into six and a half minutes of frenetic energy. Heavy, chunky almost unrecognizable synth chords layed down overtop some seriously hot acid house percussion, and by the time the diva screams in the background kick in, it’s a guarantee that there won’t be anyone standing still on the dancefloor.

Humachine + remixes are available on iTunes now.

One Half Nelson – Humachine (DJ Nita’s Battle Ready Remix)