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Young Edits – Move Me Up EP

Jun 20 2011

One of the most unexpectedly powerful releases this summer has GOT to be the Foot and Mouth released ‘Young Edits – Move Me Up EP’, four sublime balearic edits by Austrailian Luke Foskey.

‘How We Walk On The Moon’ is Arthur Russell re-edited right, his vocals sound cloud-partingly sublime, with the additional tweaks and percussion that’s been added bringing out all the emotional impact of jumping off a waterfall naked. And let’s talk about the Kate Bush “Cloudbusting” edit, jeeez. When she utters “Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen”, you, the listener, totally believe her.

The two b-side tracks employ some samples that are a bit harder to pin down, but from start to finish, this is a slice of balearic bliss. Stream the whole EP below and grab it on Juno. There’s a vinyl out now too.

FAM007 Moving Me Up EP by Young Edits // Youth