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Renaissance Man 2011 Midsummer Mix

Jun 24 2011

Might be midsummer, but this new Renaissance Man sounds like a tornado rolled through a beach and threw a bunch of tourists into the ocean.

That is to say, packed with brooding, dark techy dancefloor killers, including new tracks from Matias Aguayo, Renaissance Man’s upcoming remix for The Touch on Kitsune, as well as an original track from their forthcoming album – the eerie, Tiga charted and already critically acclaimed “Stalker Humanoid”, which sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a movie involving robot consciousness and a dystopian Tokyo in the future where it’s raining all the time.

Renaissance Man 2011 Midsummer Mix by Renaissance Man

Tracklisting after the jump:

Locussolus: Gunship (Andrew Weatherall Dub)
Rebolledo & Daniel Maloso: Loro Lady
The Touch: Sermon (Renaissance Man Remix)
DK7: The Difference (Martin Landsky Remix)
Renaissance Man: Stalker Humanoid
Matias Aguayo: Ligado
STL: Something Is Raw
Virgo 4: It’s A Crime (Caribou Remix)
Matthew Herbert: Kerstin Basler