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NGUZUNGUZU – Timesup EP on Fade To Mind

Jul 5 2011

NGUZUNGUZU have never failed to deliver productions that massively shift the way we conceive of dance music, so it makes sense that their release on Prince William and Kingdom’s collaborative record label Fade To Mind.

Billed as “a record label and a movement, a series of club nights and cooperative projects in music, visual art, video, and apparel”, Fade To Mind is off to a stellar start with the NGUZUNGUZU created “Timesup” EP – full of intricately crafted pieces of dance music.

“Water Bass Power” sounds like someone sharpening daggers on a waterfall – unstoppably fluid, movement based dance music with a serious kick to it, and Kingdom’s laid back but anxiety laden R&B recut of the shuffling, “Timesup”, a tune about having to call people back, turned off phones, and an underlying unsettled vibe about one’s relationship. With production like this, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Fade To Mind gang were responsible for 98% of computer hacking that’s going on these days – futuristic, global club virus music going full speed ahead.

Buy the Timesup EP here, with remixes by Total Freedom and Kingdom, as well as three mind eclipsing original tracks by the NGUZUS.

You can also download a mix full of exclusives from Rizzla, Dubbel Dutch, AraabMuzik and more below.


Tracklist after the jump.

01 AraabMuzik “Free Spirit (feat. Beyonce)” (Duke)
02 Nguzunguzu “Wake Sleep (Total Freedom Winter Park Homicide Edition)” (Fade to Mind)
03 Nguzunguzu “Wake Sleep” (Fade to Mind)
04 Jodie “Moments in Heartbreak (LOL Boys Edit)”
05 Jhene Aiko “Club Stranger (Nguzunguzu Remix)”
06 Nguzunguzu “Timesup” (Fade to Mind)
07 Nguzunguzu “Timesup (Kingdom Remix)” (Fade to Mind)
08 DJ Deeon “Everyday”
09 Yoshi “Deep Inside Me Groove”
10 Nguzunguzu “Water Bass Power” (Fade to Mind)
11 DJ Daycard & Djorsen Beats “Mal Konjo!”
12 Bok Bok “Hyperpass” (Night Slugs)
13 Nguzunguzu “Vision of Completion”
14 Jam City “Aquabox” (Night Slugs)
15 Kingdom “Take Me”
16 Rizzla “Bandmind HA”
17 Nguzunguzu “Brass Touch”
18 Dubbel Dutch “B Leave (Nguzunguzu Remix)” (UTTU)
19 Ripperman “Bulldog”
20 Ironsoul “Shut the Door”