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DJ Wool – All Vinyl Breaks Mix

Aug 8 2011

Long ago, in a time before CDJ’s, DJ Controllers, Final Scratch and Serato, DJ Wool (half of The Glass and beatmaker for our recent Spoek collaboration) put together a bedroom apartment mix on a stupidly hot summer day in 2002, recorded from vinyl, using an MPC1000 for samples and a Digitech fx unit onto an Adat.

The tracks are a mixed bag of music that at the time were called “new school breaks” (though now, using the term ‘new school’ for something released in 2002 feels a bit strange) andd early 90’s hardcore/pre drumnbass.

Loaded with white label cuts, you can hear some DJ Phantasy, R&S Records, Ills, 2 Bad Mice, DJ ICEE, Squarepusher, Marine Parade, Krafty Kuts, Stanton Warriors, as well as lots of forgotten, misplaced or now-warped-beyond-recognition records. In addition, NYC Early Graffiti Writer Phase provides an intro that makes you feel like right at home in another era of dance music. Grab it below!

2002 Vinyl New & Old School Breaks Mix by djwool