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Samo Sound Boy – Shuffle Code (Ikonika remix)

Aug 31 2011

L.A producer Samo Sound Boy released his new “Shuffle Code” EP on NYC label Trouble & Bass yesterday. British producer and Hyperdub/Hum + Buzz representative Ikonika hands us a remix of the 8-bit sounding title track that sounds more like something that’s played at the complete opposite of the swagged out, sun- and percussiondrenched Californian happenings where we imagine that Samo and his crew hang out, this is on that dark and twisted tip. The arpeggio synths that start off the track soon give way to a pulverizing beat that along with an evil vocal sample is probably best enjoyed in a dark and small basement club where the ceiling drips with condensed sweat amassed by a packed audience.

Samo Sound Boy – Shuffle Code (Ikonika remix) (ge.tt)