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DBR021: Guy Andrews – Your Notion

Sep 12 2011

Poised to do some very big things in the very near future, we’re pleased to introduce Discobelle Record’s latest release, which is also the first EP from Brighton’s Guy Andrews. Here are four tracks that move seamlessly from metallic arpeggio glossed out club shufflers to organically percussive dance music that’s constantly shifting and mutating. All drawing on different reference points from dance music history, from the darker corners of the percussive spectrum to the upliftingly organic vibes present at unexpected places, it’s a balancing act that feels completely right for moving dancefloors. Grab the “Your Notion” EP over at Juno, Boomkat or any of the other major digital retailers!

“Your Notion” feels like the immediate attention grabber – ecstatic glowing synths rising and falling while overlapping bashy drums and percussive woodblocks carve out a sound that’s feels fit for working out to on warehouses with cement floors without losing its organic vibe. There’s a exercised control in Andrew’s delivery that builds tracks like “Your Notion” to the simmering edge of being a pure dancefloor killer without pushing them into excess.

Meanwhile, “Unita” sounds like a mist-immersed lighthouse from the future sending out a distress signal of an oncoming tsunami or explosion – slightly foreboding piano and trace remains of jazz and experimental afrobeat lingering around the edges while soaring synth stabs bubble up. When they cut out and there’s nothing left but the simmering bass bubbling overtop the complex but instantly catchy drum patterns, it’s a glorious moment that feels almost too spontaneously good to overanalyze.

“Klikkr” begins as a slowly rising percussive chorus of drums and bongos, then slowly morphs into a living organism or sorts – windswept swelling dissonance rises and falls throughout like it’s coming out of the throat of some now-extinct sea creature. The urge to jack to the body in time with the drums never fades away, fortunately.

“Exit” has its own way of burrowing deep into the recesses of your brain – electro acoustic production sounding nuanced enough to make you believe Andrews should have a much larger discography of releases under his belt. What sounds like reverberating xylophone tiles wrapped in resilient drums mixes together smooth enough to make your brain forget that what you’re listening to is dance music, even though your body will absolutely remember.

Your Notion EP (Forthcoming Discobelle 12/09/12) [DBR-021] by Guy Andrews