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The Magician ft. Jeppe – I Don’t Know What To Do (Plastic Plates Remix)

Sep 23 2011

Expect nothing less than… MAGIC with this new single from The Magician. See what I did there? Music journalism of the year right there. Sorry, sometimes there’s just not a lot to say about a track that can’t be experienced much more viscerally by just listening to it.

Backed by vocals from Jeppe (yeah, the “I’ll GET YOU!” shrieking fellow from Classix’s former single), Plastic Plates filter this one through the fluorescent washing machine that’s leaking down in the basement of their studio and the results sound like summer might be sticking around for a little bit longer.

The Magician Feat. Jeppe “I Don’t Know What To Do” (Plastic Plates Remix) by TheMagician