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DBR022: Viadrina – Bodymind EP

Sep 26 2011

Even though Viadrina sounds like a prescription drug for sale on the streets of Bangkok, the Polish duo Konrad & Mateusz have formed a much more potent intoxicant than any black market opiate can offer. Their debut EP on Catz N Dogz owned label Pets Recordings was received with open arms by dancefloors of the world at the beginning of 2011, and now Viadrina continues to hone their craft on the Discobelle Records released “Bodymind” EP – a synthesis of lofty reverberating tech house and sweaty, dancefloor tested pure body jacking jams. Released today so go grab it at your favorite digital music retailer!

Some chopped up howls and supernatural noises float atop scaling synths start off the dancefloor anxiety-inducing kick drum heavy “Out There”. An ominous vocal cut whispering conspiracy theories about strange stuff in the dark? Check. Slowly emerging funky baseline that feels like it’s sitting in the bottom of your gut? Check. Roller coaster style buildups hovering at the top of the roof of the club in suspended animation before dropping back into a dizzying percussion laden climax? Yes, absolutely.

Meanwhile “Night Drug” feels like it could be part of the Strictly Rhythm catalogue anywhere from 1990 – 1994; pumping rhythm and thick lust funk in full effect, a love letter to strobe light illuminated nights and the dress code from the nightclub scene in “Basic Instinct”. Quick moving synth lines dart and stab around sultry dragged out diva vocals, and everything culminates in a blindingly bright stomp-and-shake inducing finale.

“Bodymind” kicks off with rollicking tin can percussion and misty synth lines emitting a woozy infectiousness that make you feel like maybe you just bought the bar but can’t remember. The warped vocal sample shifts from murkily unrecognizable to front and present dance instigator, immersing the track in a hazy euphoric swamp of r&b moaning and groaning. It’s tearing a page out of Blawan’s recent playbook reminiscent of “Getting Me Down”, but a little bit dirtier content wise. Is the sample R. Kelly? The Isley Brothers pitched down to the seventh layer of hell? That’s for you to figure out.

Bodymind EP [DBR022] by Viadrina