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Six Hours of Thomas Von Party

Oct 25 2011

This is a set that I played at a loft party I did in Montreal this past New Year. It was mostly close friends, unavoidable acquaintances, and a select crew of gay, multi-ethnic male dancers. I had just bought a sound system from an old club, along with a strobe, smoke machine, laser, and giant, family-and-friends-sized hammock I smuggled in from Goa. I had assembled the right people and lured them into the right environment. That’s Vibe Building 101, brother, and it will count towards your minor in Funkultural Studies.

Never mind the ‘biz’. All you really need to know? I played this set for I and I. Whom and whom? I and I, guy. I wasn’t “at” this party. I didn’t “play” this party. I W∆S this party.

Download the mix, make the time, and feel the arc of a trip you are free to take. I’m not saying it was perfect by any means. I’ll leave that for your to say. But this is over 5 1/2 hours of some of my favourite psychedelic techno-funk of all time (AFX, Aphex Twin, Caustic Window, Polygon Window, etc*). Come and kiss the cosmic light, people! I’ll be here watching from the foot of the bed…

Peace, love and psychedelic unity to almost all our techno primate brothers and sisters,
Thomas Von Party

Anyone who puts a tracklisting to this mix is a God amongst non-Gods. If you’ve got a six hour bus ride coming up, or you just want to spend some time alone in your room recreating a New Year’s Eve loft party, consider this your go-to thing. Gracefully made downloadable by the nice folks at Turbo Recordings.

Thomas Von Party – Ambient Techno NYE 2010 by Turbo Recordings