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DBR023: Worthy – Lost Dog

Nov 2 2011

San Francisco’s Anabatic label runner and Dirtybird co-founder Worthy is on one with his followup to last year’s “Big Perm” release on Discobelle Records. This time, he’s channeled his expert house percolation into the “Lost Dog” EP, accompanied by two remixes – one from amorphously adaptive percussive dream team LOL BOYS and another from Pelican Fly’s frenetically unpredictable dancefloor worker, Lucid.

“Lost Dog” starts off as a skeletal house beat with some big hollow, rapid wartime drums sounding off over shamanic incantations yelped in the background. Things quickly get a bit more fleshed out as the tune meshes together into cohesiveness – Joe’s “Claptrap” for the tech house set, but replacing handclaps, sparse piano and coughing with chirping cut up vocal bursts and an unending percussive beat that burrows its way inside your skull.

It’s tough to outshine the LOL Boys remix though, which completely revamps the source material into a runway worthy pulsing, bubbling 808 affair complete with a dancefloor slaying vocal cut. “I work the crowd, I REALLY work it” gets muttered by what could well be a New York City transexual go-go dancer while a ballooning, expanding bassline rumbles underneath, powerful enough to kill small animals and puncture eardrums of anyone standing too close to the sound system. Throughout the six minutes, the track undergoes a workout of percussive somersaults and sounds like Egyptian Lover had a love child with J. Phlip on a yacht somewhere in the South Pacific.

Lucid’s take on “Lost Dog” asks you to check your expectations at the door, as the sound of hitting one of those question mark boxes in Super Mario Bros. signals a descent into a wormhole that abandons any cohesion or sanity that you might expect. Skittering bursts of hip hop pseudo-trance infused drum machines gallop their way overtop unpredictable synth fluctuations – outrageous southern hip-hop melded with a trip down the K hole. After coming out the other end, it’s safe to say you’re not going to be the same.

Out November 7th, stream it in full on Soundcloud now!

Worthy – Lost Dog EP (Discobelle Records) by discobelle