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Crowd Control

Nov 15 2011

Been a while since we featured some beatboxing on Discobelle.

Two figureheads of European beatboxing – Eddie Blondeau AKA Eklips from Paris/France & Lee Potter AKA Killa Kela from London/UK have teamed up to create music that pushes the boundaries of the human voice, and then some…

With both careers spanning over 12 years to equal critical acclaim, multiple guest appearances and live performances across many genre’s, this new audio offering has been a long awaited event in the beatbox calendar.

Alongside Shanghai based Producer extraordinaire CONRANK, the three set out to create a universal sound, leaning on their talents & environmentsfrom across the globe. The outcome is rich in vocal percussion, harmonies and instrument imitation…Heavy vocal manipulated synths and 808’s, French and English melodies, raps and vocals. And of course, ear popping Beatbox routines.