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New York Transit Authority – Off The Traxx

Nov 18 2011

We’re admittedly quite a bit late covering the latest release from unfortunately-titled-but-excellently-curated label Lobster Boy, but maybe that’s partially due to the elusive nature of it.

One minute it’s being played out on Rinse FM, with no release details known about it, and seemingly minutes later it’s been sold out on Phonica. One day it’s being attributed to certain artists on Boiler Room track lists, the next it’s being vehemently denied by YouTube users.

Regardless of who or what it is, NYTA weaves through a varied history of house histories and incorporates a little bit of dissonance and enough bass to make it just a tiny bit menacing. Not to mention that all the conductor related spoken word vocal samples overtop are probably the most fun that a vocal sample on a record has provided since “Sicko Cell’s” cocaine addicted drawl.

New York Transit Authority – Off The Trax (YouTube)

New York Transit Authority – Off The Trax (Soundcloud)