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blk.adonis + Rizzla – Portia Nuh Play

Jan 20 2012

Portia Simpson Miller, the former and newly re-elected Prime Minister of Jamaica and representative of the People’s National Party, recently took an historically significant position by openly supporting GLBT legal protection in Jamaica, a country internationally notorious for a “culture of homophobia.” Miller’s statements come at a time of great cultural change in both Jamaica and dancehall music. This is for her.”

Some deeply powerful themes running through the latest mix that blk.adonis + Rizzla premiered over on DIS Magazine today – full of sexually explicit feminist minded dancehall, tracks where the voices are distorted so much that the gender becomes indiscernable, and track after track after track after track after track of heat. The things I’d do for a tracklisting, oh my God.

Download it below, and catch Rizzla in NY at Mixpak Extended Play #2 this Saturday!

Rizzla + blk.adonis – Portia Nuh Play by DISmagazine