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DBR024: Disco Of Doom – Shake And Bake

Jan 30 2012

Hot on the heels of the “Invader EP” from dark techno afficianados Disco of Doom, Discobelle Records is proud to pull you back into the fray with the “Shake and Bake” EP – focused, powerful dancefloor tools to move crowds and simultaneously explore some pretty dark crevasses on the dancefloor.

The title track “Shake And Bake” scales you up to some paranoid heights with its jagged, bumpy rise and fall pattern. You know the producers are doing something right when the kickdrum rolling in out of nowhere to accompany the track is sounding ominously like the sound of a tightening noose. Can’t emphasize enough how addictive it is when everything climaxes in a flurry of hazy synths and percussion, only to go plummeting back to the molten hot bassline.

Astronomar’s remix of “Shake And Bake” dares to up the ante a bit more with military rigidity, like a wartime drum propelling the beasts of Hell towards the nearest nightclub.

“The 808” throws some iron-filtered vocoder chants over raw drum patterns, a punchy syncopated bassline and mind-melting synth stabs. Reminiscent of something that might be in Thomas Bangalter’s record bag that time he DJed in the 90s with no Daft Punk costume on, it condenses a helluva lot into an anthemic five minutes.

While the beginning few seconds sound like an orgy run through an 8-bit vocoder, Chicago Trouble & Bass member Willy Joy’s remix of “The 808” sounds like it’s always just milliseconds away from melting your hard drive. Full of ravey stabs to rival the biggest of big room tunes, it has a drop so bafflingly big that even Skrillex might describe as “overkill”.

Discobelle Records alumni Wool chills things out a bit with a smooth rolling house beat and a little bit of churning organ split up by howling wolf cry and disembodied voices mumbling “dance to this”. As if it wasn’t immediately obvious that dancing is what you should be doing.

The 3rd original production on the EP “Conkers” stirs things up into a slow building frothy tension, accompanied by a hauntingly addictive cowbell line and a bassline so thick you’d need a steak knife to even puncture it. Perfect percolating dance music to work yourself into a frenzy over.

Mike Mago takes the eerie vocal line weaving its way through “Conkers” and harnesses it to maximum effect throughout the track, building up a tapestry of cloudy drugged up synths around it only to break everything down for a lone steel drum echoing in the mist before bringing things back into rave mode, within which a dragon emerges from the fog and bites your head off.

Support from Style Of Eye, Mixhell, Round Table Knights, Nick Catchdubs, Armand Van Helden, NT89, Adam Port, Zombie Disco Squad, Tittsworth, Hostage, Mikix The Cat, Mason, Larry Tee, Neoteric, Botnek, Swick, Meati & Meech, Mustard Pimp, Act Yo Age, Aquasky etc.

Grab “The 808” as a free download and listen to the EP below, then proceed to Juno or Beatport to buy the whole EP:

BONUS: The Disco Of Doom boys made this smashing mix to go along with the release, blast it!