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Generation Bass Presents: Moombahluv Vol. 3 – The Valentines Day Finale

Feb 14 2012

Superb blog/label Generation Bass presents a Valentine’s day mix of moombahton that puts some much needed bassy sounds in your celebration of love.

“Moombahluv is for that rainy windswept day when you’ve been blown out or are feeling down or just need some luv & a hug. This compilation is for lovers and also for loners, wishing for luv, who dream fantastic dreams and feel that anything is possible!”

On this final free compilation there are 2 sides:

Download: Side 1 – Moombahluv Vol. 3: LuV DrunK (zip file, Mediafire)

“LuV DrunK, cause imagine that feeling when u have butterflies in your stomach and you can’t wait to finish work so that you can be with the one u luv and u can’t bear to be without them for even one moment. You’re joined at the hip and you can see no wrong in your luved one, no matter what they say or do, which football team they support or what music they dig! That’s being LuV DrunK!”

Download: Side 2 – Moombahluv Vol. 3: LuVved Up (zip file, Mediafire)

“LuVved Up, cause you’re sitting together in a cinema, walking in the park or on a beach, holding hands at all times. The air smells fresh, the sky is clear and the world is a beautiful place. You have no financial worries, you don’t care about messing up your exams or about being late for work. But you do care about not seeing or being with the one u luv and not being able to take them out or buy them something nice. That’s being LuVved Up!”

Tracklists after the jump.


Mango Troops-The Architects (C.o.d.a. Vip )
Monk1e – Fresh (Suits On Fire Remix)
Sandwich Island Bass- Silver
Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River (King Kong’s Go On And Just Bootleg)
El Nomada – Spotie
Andre 3000 – Prototype (Dj Archi Edit)
Jon Kwest – Nipsy’s Jam (What Would I Do)
Nicholas Jaar – Variations (Brent Tactic Moombahton Edit)
Noms – Don’t You Know
JoNny Chino-Dreaming in Moombahton
F?RAL I$ KINKÂ¥ – No Heart (Vocal Dub Mix)
All Saints – Pure Shores (Kill Them With Colour Moombahton Refreak)
La Roux ft. Crookers – I’m Not Your Toy (DJ Beebs Moombahton Rework)
Oktored – Velouria (Feat. Kat Luk)
Telepopmusik – Breath (DJ 4HEAD! Edit)

Mendez-The World will Be in Love (Original mix)
Arehouse – Love Found
Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Kill Them With Colour Remix)
Sonido Berzerk Ft. Billie Holiday – Love Affair
FCLvs.VFB – Love Prescription (Disgraceland Remix)
Ben Tactic – Elementary Lover
Jamrock – Speak Easy
Busta Rhymes ft Mariah Carey & Flipmode Squad – I Know What You Want (Ma-Less Moombahton Remix)
Buzz A Buzz ft Erykah Badu – On And On and Moombah
Afruxx ft. Bobby Blowcoder – Love Me Good
Oktored – I Would Die 4 U (Featuring Lise)
Zgomot – Technoton
Lil’ Wayne – Lollipop (King Kong’s Thinking About You Bootleg)
Trentemoller – Even Though You’re With Another Girl (Mikael Simpson Version – SAUR Moombahluv Remix)
Hiatus & Shura – First (Hungry Man Moombahton Mix)
Sufjan Stevens – The Dress Looks Nice On You (Nate Compton Remix)
The Smiths- Please Please Please (CoreyCorey Haim Moombahluv Edit)
DJ Quien – Soundelove