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Wifey Mixtape #7: Okzharp

Mar 27 2012

Okzharp, which loosely translates as Cape Town slang for “Okay, sure”, is the name of Gerv Gordon (of Hyperdub trio LV) and his new South African house based music side project. Okzharp will be making its worldwide debut at Wifey in London on Friday March 30th.

“South African house is the dominant flavour, stuff we’re pretty confident you’ll never have heard before, collected on his extensive travels around the country. It’s all dynamically sliced and diced with clever UK and US selections, plus a few surprises in the hyper-speed ending. The way it’s put together sounds totally unique to us, making this both one of the most entertaining and most unusual sets we’ve had in the series so far.”

Download: Wifey Mixtape #7: Okzharp (Mediafire)

Tracklist after the jump.

Dirty Paraffin – PapPap
Jumping Back Slash – Storms
Big Nuz – Ama Lights (Okzharp edit)
Heatsick – Dream Tennis
DJ Cee & Mogrigo – Bass Delight
Richard III & Ruffest – R&R
Eric Kupper – Bloom
DJ Steavy & Mr Edu K Zo & Kliff Oday – Track 7
Beneath – Dilemma
Kenny Dope & Terry Hunter – Mass Destruction (No Hook)
Morokka – Moonbox
Minister – Murder (Okzharp edit)
Aero Manyelo – ?
DJ Killer – Baby Jelly (Okzharp edit)
Blackdown – Wicked Vibes
Jook 10 – Daka
Ruffest – Woza Siyaspenda
DJ Spookz – Everything
Alinco Cuts – Ultranova
? – Sthanwasami (Okzharp edit)
Lil Silva – Nitro
Basement Jaxx – Don’t Give Up
Cardopusher – Guava Blossom
DJ Kitano – Dear Nomalanga
DJ Killer – Track 8 (Okzharp edit)
Louie Vega – Love & Happiness (Yemeya Y Ochun)
Funkystepz – Fuller
Zomby – Salamander
? – Track 08
Dirty Paraffin – Big Bootyholic (Okzharp Big Bootyleg edit)
DJ TWhy – Busted remix
Jumping Back Slash – Number One Big Big
DJ Rashad – Nightmares
Ahmed Ianka Nabav – Eh Congo
Remarc – RIP (Philip D Kick jungle edit)
DJ Spinn – Juke Jazz
DJ Spinn & Rashad – Transported
DJ Dman – Juke Bottle Aaliyah
DJ Rashad & DJ Lucky – Love U
Trencher – Nightmare on Crack Street (Okzharp Nightmare On Juke Street edit)
LV & Mumdance – Zteaknight
H313 – Lion
Sssshh – Our Little Secret