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Ben UFO + Jackmaster Snuggle up and get Warm

Apr 3 2012

“This mix is dedicated to the art of the warm-up set. The Colors night at Trouw in Amsterdam recently organised an event where Jack and I were booked alongside Oneman and Cinnaman, a line-up consisting of specialist DJs who don’t produce playing for the duration of the night.

Jack and I had been talking about how rare it was to walk into a club and see DJs building up a set and genuinely warming up the crowd, understandable given that every DJ wants to make an impact and make sure they’re remembered at the end of the night. With that in mind we put ourselves forward to attempt to play the kind of warm-up we’d like to hear more often.”

Young DJs who have the 10pm slot time: Please. PLEASE. Listen. Learn. Put away the 135 bpm for a few more hours, remember that it’s never a bad idea to play Prince, and relax.