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Electric Zoo 2012 – Interview with Mustard Pimp

Sep 13 2012

Mustard Pimp is a serious French electronic duo who don’t take themselves too seriously. Made up of the tag team Baron and eKa, Mustard Pimp has been bringing heavy-hitting fist pumping electro to the masses since 2008. Last year the duo joined the Dim Mak family and released No Title or Purpose,  an EP with textures of house, dubstep, and acid techno rolled into one. The two are constantly evolving their sound while maintaining a nonchalant “no care” attitude cause, at the end of the day it’s just music right?

I had the pleasure of chatting with (Charles) Baron after his set at Electric Zoo and yes, he’s just as funny and personable in real life as he is on the Internet.

Nancy Lu: K-pop or J-pop?
Mustard Pimp: More K-pop than J-pop. I love Japan but I’ve spent a lot of time in Korea. 

NL: Did you see that video by Psy for “Gangnam Style?”

MP: Yeah I saw it. Ten different people sent it to me so yeah.

NL: Who do you think should win DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s Poll?
MP: I’m a DJ but I never go to any DJ shows, I prefer live bands. The most impressive DJ I’ve seen live though would have to be Boys Noize.

NL: Colonel Mustard in the Drawing Room with a…?
MP: Bottle of whiskey.

NL: Who do you think are some of the most underrated producers right now and do you think that being good at social media and self promotion is a crucial component to being successful?
MP: One of my favorite producers of all time is Shinichi Osawa. I love Modek, Fadades, and Michel Sardou too. Well in this type of music it really is now.

NL: Do you think producers can build and sustain a successful career on remixes alone? Do you think that moving into producing original tracks is necessary/inevitable?
MP: I don’t know, but I should consider being a manager and think more about it. I might be richer as well.

NL: What are each of you guys’ strengths and weaknesses that are matched when you come together as a duo in regards to production and in performance?
MP: I actually lost an eye and he lost a leg, so we really need each other for the live show. For the DJ sets I guess we just need two hands and we still both have them.

NL: This is my first time at Electric Zoo – how would you compare it to other music festivals as far as the vibe, the crowd, expectations, etc?
MP: Well I don’t really go to festivals. All the bands I like are never booked or their name appears in very small letters at the bottom of the flyer so I don’t even know they are playing.

NL: What are you working on right now that you can tell us about?

MP: New original stuff, can’t say more yet.