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Interview: Roosevelt

Nov 7 2012

The latest signing to Greco-Roman is Cologne-based Roosevelt who last month released his debut track, “The Sea.” The track is a slice of pure sunshine with its playful guitar, rolling bass, and washed out echoing vocals. Roosevelt regularly DJs with the Kompakt label crew and has just gotten off a 12-date tour supporting T.E.E.D.

We caught up with Roosevelt a few days before the T.E.E.D. tour and asked him a few questions.

Nancy: Can you take me through a brief history of your musical beginnings and background?
Roosevelt: I took piano lessons as a child, but at some point I was too impatient and started playing football. Fortunately at 15 I started playing guitar and drums. After that I played in several bands, until I got into producing 3 years ago. Moving to Cologne also played a big part, as it is quite an electronic surrounding here.

Nancy: How did you get involved with Greco-Roman?
Roosevelt: The track “Sea” was lying on my harddrive for a while, so I felt like uploading it on Youtube. I wasn’t even looking for a label, but after a few weeks I got a mail from Greco, so we got in contact. It all worked out, and it feels amazing to have a label supporting you right at the build-up of the project.

Nancy: Can you tell us about your live set up, specifically for the tour you’re going on with T.E.E.D.?
Roosevelt: I play a Juno 60 in most of the tracks, control filters on the laptop, and play guitar and percussions.

Nancy: How would you describe your music to someone who’s listening to it for the first time?
Roosevelt: It’s all a hazy filtered italo sun rave.

Nancy: Can you tell us more about your debut EP and what we can expect?
Roosevelt: The single “Sea” will be out end of October. Along with the original there will be a Dub of “Sea”, plus another track called “Soleil”. I’m already working on a first EP, which will probably be out in spring!