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Wool – Rock Opera & Purple Ohm – Live video

Nov 12 2012

Wool is doing it big in this video were he is performing “Rock Opera” (Discobelle Records) and “Purple Ohm” (Plant Music) live.

Stay tuned for us giving away a track from his “Rock Opera EP” later this week. If you can’t wait and want to support us and Wool go get it on Beatport.

“This video is not about criticizing the use of computers in music. It’s more about getting away from the creative headspace that computers confine me to. It’s about making unique choices, expressing and surprising myself musically. Mistakes are made and there’s always room for happy accidents. I’ve got all the computers and software I’ll ever need to make music but I find myself spending less and less time making music with that set up. Without realizing it sometimes when I interact with tactile machines performance becomes the motivation and having fun becomes the primary task.”

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