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Interview: LPZ

Nov 16 2012

Earlier this year, South American house trio LPZ released their debut EP 1983 that helped them make a big initial footprint in the dance music world. The three have been staying busy, recently releasing Benedict & Grace on Loungin’ Records. Like 1983, Benedict & Grace is deep, percussion-laden house. We had the chance to talk to LPZ about their beginnings, their favorite sounds, and what else they’ve been up to.

Nancy: What came first – Lopez or LPZ?
Lopez came first though before even that Ariel and Jorge were producing together as Bass Reflex, which is the dn’b outfit. But to answer your question Lopez started about 5 years ago when we started producing some hip-hop beats which end up coming out Keep Up Records. LPZ was a continuation of Lopez as we wanted to distinguish between the hip-hop material and the more dancefloor music we started producing as this reflected where we were/are at the moment. There are a few tunes in the can for both of the outfits now, just working on final touches and then it would be demo time again for labels.

Nancy: What was the inspiration behind the name of your last EP, 1983?
Boogie music is huge for us, we love the musicality of those records merged with the use of synthesizers that was happening at the time and 1983 is the landmark year for that type of music. There is also a lot of proto-house/electro from that era that we like and even some really stripped down hip-hop when it was all about drum machines and just rapping, really raw and at the time it must have been something completely different. So 1983 was always a year we were very fond of and, when we started producing the track of that name last year, by some miraculous intervention we came across the sample which rounded off that track perfectly, thus providing a reference to all of the music from that year we like so much.

Nancy: The video for “1983” was a cool mash up of vintage dance clips and workout videos and was really retrofuturistic. What do you hope people associate with LPZ and your music?
Ely Dagher from Beaver & Beaver did the video for 1983 (as well as doing the new one for our track Benedict which should be out and about by the time this is online), we gave him some hints of what we wanted out of the video and he just went and struck a home run with it. The idea was to give a reference to the music/look we were digging and the whole retro-futuristic thing which seems pretty obvious in our output.

The idea is to grab from the past but to create something new, not just a photocopy as that would be quite boring . We want people to associate LPZ with music that is highly indebted to the past but at the same time is looking into the future, we are not really interested in living in the past but at the same time one has to know his roots to not just repeat history but mutate it and hopefully exceed it.

Nancy: Favorite synth or sample sound?
Ha, difficult question this one as we like our synths so we will choose one of each category. For mono synths either the Korg MS-20 or the Mini Moog, for poly synths the Juno 60 or the Prophet 8 and for sample sound the Korg M1 Organ Bass preset which is one of the most used sounds in history but still great.

Nancy: Can you tell us what you guys working on right now?
Right now we have our Benedict & Grace EP which just came out on Loungin’ Records, home of some of our favourite House and Broken Beat artists so we are more than thrilled to join their crew. It comes with remixes by Trikk and C.O.N.E. who have done an amazing job at twisting our music to make it theirs so we are more than thrilled. It comes with the support of people we look up to like Robert Owens, Catz N’ Dogz and Oliver $ to mention just a few.

Then P. Lopez out of the LPZ crew also has a collaboration with Ave Blaste on the Foursight EP on Keep Up which just came out and is sounding hella good so go check that out. We also have an LPZ remix of Hint’s Physical Stamina coming out late November/early December on Tru Thoughts, and Cosmo Lopez is  working on the audiovisual show with Tom Central (playing at Videocrash in London soon), as well as more Lopez and LPZ material which should be coming round your way very soon so keep them eyes peeled!