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Wifey – Dummy Mix

Nov 29 2012

One day until the weekend but we’re off to a headstart here at the Discobelle office, all thanks to Ralph LTF and ROBN from the Wifey LDN collective and their bassline mix for Dummy.

“…this is an enthralling, niche mix, expertly veering between old and new sounds, melding heavy basslines and hip-hop futurism. It also includes a bunch of unreleased material from Semtek, Palace, Beneath, Hagan, Samrai, Cc, a cut from Spatial on ROBN’s Niche ‘N Bump, and a slice of production from Ralph LTF himself, forthcoming on DJ Haus’ Unknown To The Unknown label.”

BONUS: A brilliant Jeremih edit done by London producer Traxmatik.

Tracklist after the jump.

1. Geeman – BangT (Clone)
2. Semtek – AFTUM (unreleased)
3. Palace – Trust (forthcoming UTTU)
4. Spatial – Book Down, Way Round (forthcoming Niche N Bump)
5. Beneath – Bellz (unreleased)
6. Ralph LTF – Huff (forthcoming UTTU)
7. Hagan – Mulfunktion (unreleased)
8. Cc – Half Day Road (unreleased)
9. Martin Kemp – Heavy Heavy Heavy (Frijsfo Beats)
10. Samrai – Hear Me Now (unreleased)
11. Death Grips – Guillotine
12. SpaceGhostPurrp – Raider Prayer
13. Joe – Studio Power On
14. Logos – Devils (Palace Remix)
15. Woz – Brick Wall
16. Nguzunguzu – Drop Cage
17. M.I.K – Mor£ (Spooky Remix)
18. DJ Pantha – Dutty
19. Rossi B & Luca – E10 Riddim
20. Trends – Green Forest VIP
21. Spooky – Murderer
22. Deft – No Solace
23. Slackk – Blue Sleet

Tracks 1 – 11 are mixed by Robin. Tracks 12 – 23 are mixed by Ralph.

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