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25 live sets from Daft Punk

Dec 3 2012
Daft Punk

Seems like Christmas came early, 25 live sets from Daft Punk!

Torrent link for all the sets, 1.9 GB:

Daft Punk – 25 Live Sets (RAR file, torrent link via Zippyshare)

Individual download links:

Daft Punk – Planet Rose, Doornroosje, Apeldoorn 1995-11-04 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Even Further, Wisconsin 1996-05-26 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – The Arches, Glasgow 1997-01-24 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Essential Mix at BBC Radio 1 02-03-1997 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Route 66 Roller Skate Rink (Dust Traxx Party), Chicago 1997-02-11 [Full Live] (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Tribal Party, NRJ 1997-06-01 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Borealis Festival, Monpellier 09-08-1997 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Skyrock 1997 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Fun Radio 1998-11 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Essential Selection – Special Edition Hot Mix 1998-12-31 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Global Tekno Festival, Grande Halle De La Villette, Paris 1998-11-20 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Headbangers Full Live 1998-10-16 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – El Divino, Ibiza 1999 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Max Le Star System, Fun Radio 2001-03-09 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Crisis In Afghanistan Gig, Fabric, London 2001-12-17 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Coachella Festival, 2006-04-29 [Full Live] (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Pukkelpop 19-08-2006 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Keyspan Park in Brooklyn, New York 2007-08-09 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Las Vegas 10-27-2007 (Zippyshare)
Daft Punk – Mexico City 2007-31-10 (Zippyshare)

(Via Rolling Tuff)

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