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Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtape Series 2012 #1 and #2

Dec 10 2012

One of our favorite pre-Christmas traditions is the Advent Sunday Mixtape series from Malmö label Adrian Recordings where a producer/dj mixes his favorite tracks from the label’s output during the year.

We missed to post the first edition done by Bam Spacey last sunday but you can find that below, here’s a superb mixtape from Malmö dj and Geography Records co-founder Oscar Villata done live in one take beacuse that’s just how he rolls.

Tracklists after the jump.

Bam Spacey:

1. Edda Magnason – Jona (Intro/Danish Forest)
2. MF/MB/ – art & soul (diskJokke remix)
3. YAST – Because of You (Sail A Whale Remix) (downtown cut-up)
4. YAST – Believes (DÖDEN Remix)
6. Edda Magnason – Jona (Vidderna Remix) (Niva Remix) (Thunderstorm Reprise)
7. YAST – Believes (Dunklet feat. Simian Ghost Remix) (Waves Outro)

Oscar Villata:

1. VED – Liquid Shadows
2. VED – Evergreens
3. This Is Head – XVI
4. Edda Magnason – Jona (Vidderna Remix)
5. This Is Head – 0011 (Adam Lundberg Remix)
6. VED – Stratoscope