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DBR30: 5kinAndBone5 – Sex Lies & VideoChat

Dec 17 2012

L.A/SF duo 5kinAndBone5 consists of Matrixxman and Earthman and the pair have already accumulated an impressive output on prolific labels such as Grizzly, Fool’s Gold, Mixpak and UTTU. We’re glad to welcome them to the Discobelle Records family.

On their new release “Sex Lies & VideoChat” we see the duo moving away from their previous bassier sounds and instead focusing on 5 tracks of beautifully crafted house/techno but of course with their own mysterious, futuristic twist.

The EP starts out with a foray into dark world of ”Black Matter” where a rhytmic, shuffling, almost ballroom sounding beat starts the track off and then escalates when it meets a siren and a warped vocal which resonates of outer space.

”Forrest Nymphs” is 7 minute long affair of slow, transgressing techno that takes cues from the classic Detroit sound – but with a 5kinAndBone5 update – incorporating a looped 808 beat that was designed to hypnotize.

”Niggaz Is Machines” is an eerie, hyped up monster of a track, it twists and slithers but does in fact show no mercy whatsoever at getting the dancefloor up and moving with its infectious synth merging with a solid bass line.

The thumping beat of ”Matrixxfuck” showcases the duo’s futuristic endeavor when it meets up with a bleeping, spaced out and rolling synthline and a bass so crunchy it will make your laptop vibrate.

The final track of the EP might be the most accessible, ”Machines Don’t Lie” is a straight uptempo, houseinfused techno track that rounds off the EP in a superb way A steady beat and a synthline that draws you smack into the 5kinAndBone5 universe slowly progresses for the duration of the track, this is the perfect weapon to play at around 4AM when things at the club take a turn for that hands in the air moment.

Grab it now on Beatport, Boomkat, iTunes or Juno.