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Sunburn Festival Goa: Day 2

Dec 28 2012

Albeit a bit tired from the first day of Sunburn Festival, the second day promised much more and our expectations were met with a bigger crowd attendance along with a spectacular party atmosphere. It seemed like the 60 000 in attendance were not content with less than one huge party night and boy did they had something coming their way. Scandinavia was represented today with Danish dj Djuma Soundsystem showcasing his brand of dark house and disco to bring the late afternoon attendees out of their hangovers and Sweden’s very own Albin Myers delivered a hard hitting set to transform the festival to one huge dance fest. Later on, Birmingham dj/producer Paul Thomas warmed things up on Cubezoid (one of the main stages) in a big way in order for Dutch super star dj Fedde Le Grand to put out an immense set. On the other side of the festival, Dutch duo Showtek had everyone from the bar in the back to the front going crazy with an arena sized set and they ended the night with the epic Dada Life track “Kick Out The Epic Motherf**cker” that had the crowd going – yeah, you guessed it – bananas…