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Interview: Chubby Dubz

Jan 22 2013

Chubby Dubz is the Berlin based production duo made up of Oliver $ and Gene Siewing. The two first got together in 2005 to form Chubby Dubz after they both realized a shared interest in the deeper side of house music.┬áLast December we premiered their new EP Get Lifted, but due to some unforeseen hiccups, the release has been delayed. Until now. Get Lifted is out today via┬áLoungin’ Records and to re-introduce you to the guys, we’ve put together a nice little interview with Oliver and Gene.

Nancy: Oliver you’re from Berlin and Gene you’re from Missouri. How do you guys feel where you’re from has influenced the development of your individual sounds?
Oliver: I’m actually from the north coast of Germany on the Baltic Sea. My influences come from Kraftwerk, the early Techno days and Chicago House I would say. I believe that stands out the most in my music.
Gene: I’m coming from a blues town which you can hear in my voice if I had to pick something. I was lucky enough to grow up in one of the best music towns in the states and remain forever grateful for that.

Nancy: What was it that led you to make music together?
Oliver: It was after Jan Driver introduced us back in 2005. I was living in the same complex as Jan and would run into Gene from time to time. I was heavy into production at that point and was working on a few tracks that needed some vocals.
Gene: I didn’t really want to lend my voice at the time because I had never really used my voice for music up until that point. After some badgering from Oliver I wrote the first single “See It Thru”, which b.t.w. the text was actually about not wanting to do the track and how you just gotta give it a try and see it thru. Funny how things work.

Nancy: For those that don’t know, what is Chubby Dubz?
Oliver & Gene: Chubby Dubz is a deep house project combining both of our talents which we started in 2005. The inspiration comes from the b2 tracks on old House records which were always the dubbed out version of the songs. We both really loved that stripped down vibe and ended up creating our own version of this sound.

Nancy: We premiered Get Lifted late last year and its full of fat bass lines. Can you tell us more about it? Concept, inspiration, process?
Gene: I was working on a track at the time and a friend of mine was in the hood and decided to stop by to hang for a bit. I was in a bit of a rut that week creating tracks and told him about it. The next day I got an e-mail from him with an acapella. His vocals fit perfect and really brought the track alive so we decided it would be perfect for our Chubby Dubz project.

Nancy: Tech house, disco house, and moombahton are already pretty well-established sub-genres of electronic music – what do you see for the future of dub house?
Oliver & Gene: Good question. Lots of people have been feeling that deep dubby sound lately so I guess wherever we the people and as music lovers decide to take it. Who knows?

Nancy: What do you guys think of the new prominence of EDM within the mainstream?
Oliver & Gene: Well, there’s to many genres to keep up with anymore. Dubstep, Brostep, Crapstep. It has definitely blown up in America. To be honest, there is only good and bad music in our opinion. Some say its killing it for the real headz but we’re not concerned because these things always come and go and the people that love what they do will keep doing it.

Nancy: What are some highlights for you guys from 2012?
Oliver & Gene: Finishing our Album “Direct Experience”!!

Nancy: What else can we look forward to from you guys for this year?
Oliver & Gene: Be on the look out for the Burrell Brothers remix that will be dropping soon and of course our first album “Direct Experience”! With Oliver’s heavy tour schedule its hard to nail down gigs at the moment but this year we are planning more Chubby Dubz events with also some live shows.