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Ian Pooley – I Got You

Feb 23 2013

20 years into the game, German producer/dj Ian Pooley returns after a four year hiatus with his fifth album “What I Do” (released last week on NYC label Plant Music). The album consists of polished tunes designed to get the dancefloor going and more laid back, slow beatfilled tracks. We here at Discobelle are proud to present the exclusive download of the steady and classic house sounding track “I Got You”.

“The new album is more raw. I produced a lot of the tracks in the old school way, how I used to work in the nineties. All the sounds were created on analog gear,” Ian Pooley explains. “I played a lot of the basslines and pads by hand. I recorded 10 minute takes and would edit out the highlights. On each track I tried to focus on two to three machines.”