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Interview: Remote

Mar 11 2013


Imagine for a second John Carpenter playing at The Social Club or if Arnaud Rebotini wasn’t just one man but instead a Parisian duo. Now you have a pretty good idea of what Remote is all about – immensely dark electronic music. Remote (Eric Guillanton and Sébastien Fouble) have recently signed onto The Hacker and Gesaffelstein’s ZONE Records and have released a new EP called Computer Dope. The EP is packed with sinister synths perfect for powering late night warehouse parties. We had a chance to catch up with Eric and Sébastien to talk about music making, Giorgio Moroder, and Blade Runner among other things.

Nancy: First off, please introduce yourselves and tell us how you first got into music making.
REMOTE: We are Sebastian and Eric and together we are Remote. We first got into music when we were kids back in the late 80s, then several years later in 2003 we met in a studio to produce an electro-rock project “henry goes dirty” and the rest is history.

Nancy: What was the first record you ever owned?
REMOTE: The first record was probably Pierre et le Loup by Prokofiev.

Making music (I think) is about creating a certain mood, atmosphere, emotions as well as being a form of self-expression. What is it that inspires you to make the music you do with Remote and what do you hope people feel after listening to it?

We always try to express something between happiness and sadness, something dark but at the same time not cold, hard and sensitive. We want people to feel like heroes when they listen to our music.

Nancy: I’m curious – where did the names for the tracks on Computer Dope come from?
REMOTE: For “Extraball” and “Terminato”… To be honest I don’t know… but Computer Dope refers to the synth that is a bit crazy, with a lot of modulation. It sounds as if the computer took some dope and just got crazy with the synth, doing whatever he wanted.

Nancy: If Computer Dope was the soundtrack to a movie, what movie would it be?
REMOTE: A vintage futuristic peplum… or Blade Runner of course.

Nancy: Are there any producers you guys particularly look up to?
REMOTE: Of course, Curtis Jones, Moroder, the guys from Comeme… and many, many others from all times.

Nancy: Can you tell me how you got linked up with Gesaffelstein and The Hacker at ZONE Records and how that’s been so far?
REMOTE: We hooked up with Gesaffelstein and The Hacker thanks to our free ep “Gogogo” which was released on Gouru.fr. They really liked it, so then we decided to send them some tracks and here we are. They are doing an amazing job with ZONE and we are proud to be part of their roster.