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Adam Port – Black Noise (KiNK live mix)

Apr 8 2013

Bulgarian producer KiNK with a stellar live remix of the always on point Berlin producer/dj Adam Port and his latest drumrattling single “Black Noise”. The remix version of the single is released on Cocoon today and also features a remix from fellow Berliner &ME.

“This is a live remix / arrangement I did for my friend Adam Port. Here i have 8 loops, coming from my PC. They are played back by Jeskola Buzz software, my favorite platform. A NI Audio 8 interface is sending 8 mono signals to this Mackie 16.8.2 console. The 8 channels are going into the 8 busses, where i fix my levels after preamp and eq. It gives me the option to play without being afraid of losing my levels. On the Insert at the channel #5 I have MFB Microzwerg, acting as a filter. I have the Knas Moisturizer spring reverb as a Send effect, most notable on the big clap. I hope you like this live jam…”