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Staffan Lindberg – Bottoms Up Mix For Butt Magazine

Jun 24 2013

Malmö/Stockholm/Berlin dj and producer Staffan Lindberg has since we first met him at the after hours clubs here in Malmö always been purveyor of exquisite techno/house sets. This mix done for Butt Magazine is no exception besides the fact that he adds a sprinkle of more garage/breakbeat sounds to create a thoroughly enjoyable vibe.

“I put in a lot of breakbeats and like garage-sounding stuff, like stuff that isn’t really 4-4. I think it’s really nice to put things in to confuse people. It doesn’t always work when you play out, but when they get it they really get it because you can dance a different way to that kind of beat. I would say my mix is like a prime time hour for my kind of set.”

Staffan Lindberg – Bottoms Up Mix For Butt Magazine (Soundcloud download link)

Tracklist after the jump.

Staffan Lindberg – The Orbit
Fjaak – Remember Me (Arttu Remix Number Two)
Roman Flügel – More & More & More
Box Of Yummies – Whena (The Yummy Dub)
Tripmastaz – R U Scared
Pearson Sound – Gridlock
Scuba – M.A.R.S.
Kink – Trevoga
Toddla T Sound – Worst Enemy (Deadboy Dub)
Henrik Bergqvist – Spin
Mr G – Bounce
DJ Duke – Warrior Drums (Remix)