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(Interview) Bot + Premiere

Jul 29 2013

When Bot left the iconic electronic music duo Crookers that he helped create, he lost the moniker but gained the opportunity to redefine himself as a solo artist. After spending six months locked inside his studio, Bot emerged with “24 Minutes,” a mix previewing his upcoming releases and collaborations with Astronomar, Heartbreak, Tai and Aeroplane. And speaking of upcoming releases, Bot shares his Trails/ One Hour EP on 9/2 via Fake Blood’s label Blood Music. But before August rolls around we are proud to give you the first listen to “Barefoot,” a single that’s got plenty of appeal for Crookers fans. Stream “Barefoot” and read our exclusive interview with Bot below.

Nancy: What significance does the 106 in your social media links have?
Bot: 106 comes from when I used to do graffiti. My tag was Bot and I wanted to add some old school New York flavour to it. Writers in NY used to add the house number they lived in to their name. Being it NY most had 3 digit numbers which I always found visually cool but living in a short street in Milan I had to make up a system. I decided to simply add the city zone’s number which was 10 to my house number which was 6.

Nancy: How do you feel about being referred to as “Ex-Crookers”? Are you actively trying to break away from that association and if so, what are you doing to accomplish that?
Bot: It’s natural that this is the way it’s going to be for a while and then eventually change. I feel no pain from that nor wish anything else, I’m aware that by the time enough material of mine will be released this will be no longer happen and am not stressing about it.

Nancy: You’ve spent the last six months locked away in the studio. What else are you planning on releasing?
Bot: I have a lot of material that is ready to be released. I have been working on deeper tracks which is what I always liked but also on a way to approach the big room attitude in a original way. The lack of ideas and styles witnessed in EDM got out of control and the only way to compete is doing tracks that are more unique but as effective. It’s not an easy task at all but a stimulating one!

Nancy: You’ve been working with Astronomar, Heartbreak, and Tai. Can you tell me more about those collaborations? Is there anyone else you’d like to work with?
Bot: These collaborations happened naturally because of different reasons and always because of a personal relationship. Astronomar is the man who is running Main Course with me and Neoteric. He was a fan of my productions and now I am a fan of his, collaborating was mandatory! And I share a passion for cooking with Tai. Doing tracks is a bit like cooking, bringing good ingredients together and making a good meal/track. Ultimately the collabo with Heartbreak happened over the internet, we actually never met but somehow spent a lot of time talking about music and anything really on skype starting to exchange music and then ending up doing a track together.

Nancy: What do you hope to accomplish with Bot?
Bot: Become the next Moroder.

Nancy: What’s your favorite track at the moment?
Bot: I’ve been obsessed with Disclosure – You & Me feat. Eliza Doolittle (Flume Remix) lately. The way it sounds and all is amazing.

Nancy: Anything else you’d like us to know?
Bot: I’d like to mention another collaboration that is in the works and that I’m particularly excited about. The one with my favourite belgian italian, Vito from Aeroplane. We both did not know what to expect as we have very different styles usually but I’m happy with what came out and can’t wait for it to be released.